Folder Auto-Clean Settings

By default, all items in “Deleted Items” and “Junk” folders are permanently deleted after 30 days. You can adjust these settings to reduce disk space usage. Navigate to “Account Settings”Select Filtering > Folder Auto-CleanTo adjust or override the defaults, choose “Override auto-clean settings for this account.”Once you have enabled the override, navigate to the “Rules” […]

Auto-Responder / Out Of Office / Auto Reply / Vacation Message

An Auto-Responder/Out Of Office/Auto-Reply allows you to set a message/email to automatically go out when you receive email. Most often this is used when people go on vacation. Navigate to “Settings” and expand “My Settings”Click on “Auto Responder” then select “Enable auto-responder”Click on the “Message” tab and enter a Subject, Start Date and End DateSelect […]

Add An Email User (Email Address)

The domain administrator can add, edit and remove mailboxes from the webmail client. If you are not the domain administrator, please contact us to request access. Navigate to “Settings”Click on setup an alias under “Domain Settings” > the “Users” tabClick on “New”, then enter the Username (you don’t have to add the domain name or […]

Webmail Access

All Business and Basic Email hosting subscriptions include access to a webmail interface. This interface can be adjusted for optimized mobile viewing. Navigate to https://mail.e.valice.comEnter your email address and passwordThis will launch your webmail

Email Client and Device Configuration

Use the instructions below to connect your Valice Basic or Business Email  to a mobile device or desktop email client like Outlook or Mac Mail. Make sure that your email is active and that you have the proper MX entry in your DNS: Type: MXPreference: 10Exchange: and that you know your email username and […]

Email Aliases

Email Aliases allow you to accept emails to your mailbox from an alternate email address. Only an email domain administrator has the power/ability to create or setup an alias. Navigate to “Settings”Click on setup an alias under “Domain Settings” > the “Aliases” tabClick on “New”, then enter the alias name, like “info” without quotesEnter the […]

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding allows you to route emails to an email address to multiple mailboxes or email addresses outside of the domain Forward your own Email Address Navigate to “Settings.” (the cogwheel)Click on “My Settings” > the “Account Settings” tab.Click on “Forwarding”, then enter the email address. like “info” without quotes. Then enter the full email address […]