Increase Max Upload File Size

Navigate to “PHP” settings for the domain you wish to increase the max upload size for. Adjust the values using the dropdown select tool for “upload_max_filesize” and make sure that the “post_max_size” value is equal to or greater than this size as well. When you are finished click “OK” or “Apply” at the bottom of […]

WordPress Menus

You can edit or create navigation menus in the WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance” > “Menus” Select the menu you wish to edit or click “Create a new menu” at the top of the screen. Adding Menu Items You can add individual pages, posts and custom posts to a menu. You can also add categories, tags […]

Google Tag Tracking for WooCommerce Purchases

WooCommerce does not include a thank you page which makes it a little more challenging to embed tracking events for things like Google Tag Manager and AdWords.   The code snippet below will allow you to track orders in Google along with the order ID and Order Total. This snippet should be placed in your […]

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds enable users to view your website page or post content in a format that works with content aggregation tools and software.  WordPress supports various types of feeds with RSS being the most common: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Feeds Feed URL By default, your WordPress website will create accessible feed links: http://example.com/?feed=rsshttp://example.com/?feed=rss2http://example.com/?feed=rdfhttp://example.com/?feed=atom And if you’ve enabled […]


This plugin allows you to securely send emails from your WordPress website.  WP Mail SMTP plugin allows you to easily reconfigure the wp_mail() function to use a trusted SMTP provider. WP Mail SMTP plugin includes four different SMTP setup options: Mailgun SMTPSendGrid SMTPGmail SMTPAll Other SMTP Recommended Configuration Navigate to “Settings” > “WP Mail SMTP”Enter […]

Banner Alerts

Banner alerts are custom alerts to notify your website visitors of promotions, alerts, events, etc. These display at the top of the website (or wherever you have specified them to display in your theme) until they are dismissed by the visitor. Any new visitor who has not been to the website will see these until […]

Admin Protect Plugin

In order to combat attacks and malicious traffic targeting your WordPress login page (Brute Force Attacks),  we may recommend that you install the Valice HTTP Admin Protect plugin. This plugin password protects the login page to prevent any unauthorized access to that page and thus prevents the attacks. Click here for further reading on Brute Force Attacks […]

Plesk WordPress One-Click Install

Select the dropdown arrow next to “install” and choose “Custom Install” under the WordPress application listing.You will be asked to accept the WordPress end user license agreement.Specify a location to install WordPress. Most users want to install and use WordPress as their website so the location should be left blank after the root directory (“/”)Choose […]