Web Developer Tools

Plesk WordPress One-Click Install

Select the dropdown arrow next to “install” and choose “Custom Install” under the WordPress application listing.You will be asked to accept the WordPress end user license agreement.Specify a location to install WordPress. Most users want to install and use WordPress as their website so the location should be left blank after the root directory (“/”)Choose […]

Setting up FTP Access in Plesk

Plesk will allow you to setup FTP Users in the “FTP Access” tab. Click “Create Additional FTP Account” Create a name, home directory, and password for the FTP Account, and click “OK” Learn how to configure an FTP client

Backup Manager

Plesk control panels include a Backup Manager feature. The instructions below will guide you through taking a point-in-time backup and scheduled backups. Backup This will take an immediate backup of your files and/or website. In the Backup Manager, click “Backup.”Configure the backup settings Where to store the backup (on your subscription or in a personal […]

Log Files

Log files are accessible to shared hosting services through your Plesk control panel In the “Websites & Domains” tab, click on the domain name for the log files you want to retrieve.Click “Logs” to pull up a list of log files to see both access logs and error logs.