Shared Web Hosting

Log Files

Log files are accessible to shared hosting services through your Plesk control panel In the “Websites & Domains” tab, click on the domain name for the log files you want to retrieve.Click “Logs” to pull up a list of log files to see both access logs and error logs.

Parallels Web Presence Builder for Plesk

Some Plesk control panels include the Parallels Web Presence Builder, a very basic and easy-to-use website builder. Below is a short introduction on the basic workflow, concepts and functionality of the Parallels Web Presence Builder.  Navigate to your “My Services” page and click into the corresponding hosting subscriptionAt the bottom of the screen click “Login […]

Register a Domain

Valice provides domain registration and associated services (whois privacy, dns management) for all domains registered through your account. Navigate to “Domains” > “Register a New Domain“Enter your desired domain name and search to see if it is available for  registrationWhen you successfully find an available domain, click “Add to Cart” and continue searching for […]

Ordering Services

If you already have an active Account at Valice, you can order additional services from within your Account. New customers will create an account as the final step in the order: Navigate to “Order New Services“Select a service to order (only one service per domain may be ordered in a single transaction)If your order […]

Order Renewals

Order renewals on all hosting plan types are generated 10 days before the end date. The Primary Account on your account will receive an email notifying you of this renewal. If your default payment method is “Credit Card”, your renewal will automatically process on the renewal date. If your default payment method is “Check […]

Password Protect a Website or Directory in Plesk

You may want to keep your website or part of your website invisible to public viewing. One option is to password protect the website file directory. Steps to Password Protect a Website Directory In the “Websites & Domains” tab, click on the subscription domain name.Click “Password-Protected Directories.”Click on “Add Protected Directory” and choose a directory […]

Plesk WordPress One-Click Install

Select the dropdown arrow next to “install” and choose “Custom Install” under the WordPress application listing.You will be asked to accept the WordPress end user license agreement.Specify a location to install WordPress. Most users want to install and use WordPress as their website so the location should be left blank after the root directory (“/”)Choose […]

Setting up FTP Access in Plesk

Plesk will allow you to setup FTP Users in the “FTP Access” tab. Click “Create Additional FTP Account” Create a name, home directory, and password for the FTP Account, and click “OK” Learn how to configure an FTP client

Backup Manager

Plesk control panels include a Backup Manager feature. The instructions below will guide you through taking a point-in-time backup and scheduled backups. Backup This will take an immediate backup of your files and/or website. In the Backup Manager, click “Backup.”Configure the backup settings Where to store the backup (on your subscription or in a personal […]